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This blog depicts many of the major names in fashion and the deisgners who are sometimes used on the show

This blog deals with the issues surrounding the show, and shows how far women are willing to go to be recognized, even when faced with dangerous situations.




This blog defines femininity and beauty myths

This blog is a bit controversial, it states that for the most part, we perceive beauty without comparison




More Drama Blogs!!


Grey's Anatomy

From New York Times: 'Grey's Anatomy' Goes Colorblind, By Matthew Fogel

Reviews the television program "Grey's Anatomy," and mentions how diverse both the cast is and how diverse the audience of the show is. The show fails to acknowledge the diversity on the show and make it part of the story line.

'Anatomy' of a hit By Matthew Gilbert, Globe Staff | May 7, 2006

According to the author, “if you were trying to plumb ''Grey's Anatomy" for deeper meanings, you'd be X-raying the wrong patient.” Basically, the article says that this show has little impact on society.

"Grey's Anatomy" doesn't care about nurse people

Basically, this article claims that the show does not portray nurses in a positive light. The nurses are sexualized and dumbed down… but the physicians are portrayed as saving lives. (What sex tends to be a nurse, what sex tends to be a physician?)

Grey's Anatomy: Face It, Dude, You Like the Show

The article talks about how a show is popular for a good reason and that guys would appreciate “Grey’s Anatomy,” even if it is primarily marketed toward a female audience.

The Racial Anatomy of Grey’s Anatomy

“This show raises a number of interesting questions about race and representation. First, is it accurate to characterize the show as colorblind? What does that characterization mean? I don’t think the show is colorblind at all. It is color conscious in a particular way—namely, it presents non-white actors in roles that do not explicitly invoke race.”

In Defense of Grey's Anatomy

One girl is defending “Grey’s Anatomy.” According to her, some have argued that, as far as medical shows go, ER did it much better, which is true given the assumption that Grey’s Anatomy is fundamentally about the practice of medicine. However, it isn’t. It also isn’t sexual and romantic “smut.” Instead, it’s about surgical interns who are trying to figure out how to hone their profession, handle sexuality and the potentiality of romantic relationship,

Having Your Beefcake And Talking About It, Too. Stanley, Alessandra

New York times (0362-4331)

in TCNJ Library Print Holdings

from 01/01/2000 to present in Access World News

The article discusses top-rated ABC television's shows appealing to women. Conversation about sexual matters dominates the popular programs "Grey's Anatomy" and "Men in Trees," as well as female favorites "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers & Sisters," the television version of chick lit, and programming that most male viewers avoid.

HEAL THYSELF. People; 2/5/2007, Vol. 67 Issue 5, p24-24, 2/3p, 4c (found on ebscohost)

This article discusses the television program "Grey's Anatomy." Actor Isaiah Washington, who is a regular cast member on "Grey's," allegedly used a homophobic slur against costar T.R. Knight, and has been highly criticized for his behavior. The article examines the impact of Washington's actions on the show's viewership, as well as his attempts at contrition. INSET: ACTS OF CONTRITION.


(also found on ebscohost… more of a spoof, but very cute and emphasizes that it’s a show women tend to prefer or at least admit to preferring).

This article discusses the popularity of the television show "Grey's Anatomy." The author notes that the television program is especially popular with women, and the article provides comical excuses for men when telling women that they do not watch the show. Among the excuses given are to "blame your inability to commit to a hospital drama."


Is Torture on Hit Fox TV Show “24” Encouraging US Soldiers to Abuse Detainees?

“This past fall, the Dean of West Point, Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan, along with experienced military and FBI interrogators and representatives of Human Rights First, met with the creative team behind the hit Fox Television show “24” and tell them to stop using torture because American soldiers were copying the show’s tactics. We speak with two of the delegation’s members -- former Army interrogator Tony Lagouranis, who served one year in Iraq and David Danzig, director of the Prime Time Torture Project for Human Rights First.”

Whatever It Takes

The article discusses Joel Surnow, creator of the television program "24," his politics, and the appeal of the program. The article argues that the program appeals to military audiences as well as to the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush, with its often brutal counterterrorist techniques, and suggests that it promotes human-rights abuses.

TV drama 24: torture teacher

“There used to be about four depictions a year of torture on U.S. television, always by bad guys, Mayer writes. Thanks to 24, there have been 67 such scenes in the show's first five seasons. Worse, the hero is doing the torturing.”

Fox Show "24": Torture on TV

With at least one big torture scene in every episode and steadily increasing ratings, TV show "24" is more convincing than the White House at making the case for torture.

Note to Conservatives: Fox's "24" is not "a national referendum" on torture...

Could “24” be the U.S.’s future? Does the government really want a Jack Bauer out there?

24 is Just a TV Show - Redux

Like the title says, this article argues that the show is the way it is simply for entertainment purposes.

Note: I think the articles that need to be read for class about the military and gender would be extremely useful in analyzing this t.v. show!

Warning: This Slope May Be Very Slippery., Television Week, 07450311, 2/19/2007, Vol. 26, Issue 8 (found on Ebscohost)

In this article the author reflects on a meeting between a number of creative executives at Fox's "24" and U.S. officials. He explains that the discussion was focussed on the gruesome torture scenes that are a hallmark of "24." The author questions the creators' decision to back off from its trademark torture scenes. The author claims that self-censorship induced by pressure groups just for political correctness is a slippery slope for those in the creative community.

An Arab-American Defends '24' and the Real-Life Bauers. Dabul, Emilio Karim

Wall Street journal. Eastern edition (0099-9660)

in TCNJ Library Print Holdings

from 01/02/1984 to present in ABI/INFORM Complete

from 01/02/1984 to present in ABI/INFORM Global

The article offers the author's views on the portrayal of Arab Muslims as terrorists in the U.S. television program "24."

Desperate Housewives

Lounge critic 2005 launch: desperate housewives: ladies who lunch

Desperate Housewives has a rare appeal that hits almost every mark of its well-heeled demographic: both male and female; young and old; gay and straight, and (perhaps most astoundingly) both liberal and conservative / fundamentalist.

Are Housewives Desperate For Games?

This is a blog that discusses the implications the new Desperate Housewives computer game has on women. The Desperate Housewives game represents the latest effort by the games industry to attract more female players.

Men love their 'Housewives'

Nearly 40 percent of the show's viewers are men. Whether they want to admit it or not, there are a lot of issues and topics on the show that men can relate to as well as women.

Sex, Love, Television

“Like the ladies looking for love and sex in the city, the women of Wisteria Lane are all smart, all self-motivated and all wise to the not-so-mysterious ways of men.”

"'Desperate Housewives' and 'Feminism'"

This article insults the show and discusses why it is against feminism principles and ideals, not for feminism principles and ideals.

Ideologies in Suburbia by Sarah Ryder

This analytical blog discusses how Desperate Housewives shows women with careers and of high intelligence. There is also a typical stereotypical portrayal of housewives as well. There are all sorts of messages being said about femininity and masculinity.

Disconcerting Truths: Uncovering the Values in Desperate Housewives. By: Di Gregorio, Luciano. Screen Education, 2006 Issue 43, p62-65, 4p; (AN 22334642) (found this on Ebscohost)

This article discusses various issues related to values inherent in the television serial Desperate Housewives. The serial deals with human complexities. A balanced mixture of drama, comedy, soap opera and mystery that results in discussions on several themes including love, marriage, surface appearances, human interaction, and gender roles, etc. forms the content of the serial.

As Kamp As Bree. By: Richardson, Niall. Feminist Media Studies, Jun2006, Vol. 6 Issue 2, p157-174, 18p; DOI: 10.1080/14680770600645127; (AN 20917219) (Also found on Ebscohost… It’s not their but I am currently making a request for it from the library)

The article discusses the author's political analysis about camp in relation to gender and sex roles as portrayed in the television series "Desperate Housewives." The author points out the role of Bree Van de Kamp in the series. The television program signifies the essence of being a super-woman despite of the difficulties that women may encounter the roles of being a housewife and a mother. The drama series continued to uphold the quality of American television dramas in the U.S. which focused mainly on women's issues. The program demonstrates that camp is a survival strategy that in times of intense crisis, women came to stand out and possess a strong personality as they break into another spectacular performance of idealized feminity.

Programmers Cast a Wide Net., By: Goodwin, Betty, Television Week, 07450311, 11/7/2005, Vol. 24, Issue 45 (found on Ebscohost)

This article deals with the examination of developments in women-targeted network programming. To an increasing degree, the concept of programming specifically to women is growing less relevant. It is not that women do not matter. On the contrary, they make up the majority of the television audience today, wield indisputable buying power and are the targets of gender-specific marketing campaigns. The ratings numbers also bear out the clout female audiences carry. "Desperate Housewives," the top-rated show among women ages 18 to 49, brought in nearly twice as many women viewers--and a 16 rating--as "Lost," the top-rated show for men ages 18 to 49, brought in men.

Grey’s Anatomy

In general, search engines such as Ebscohost and Genderwatch are very useful! Don’t be afraid of the library. The material in the library is more likely to be analytical verses a fan website.

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Here are the 3 blogs I had previously found for blog post 2. Even if they
were not used for that assignment, they still might be useful!

In Defense of Grey's Anatomy (Grey's Anatomy)

24 is Just a TV Show - Redux (24)

Ideologies in Suburbia by Sarah Ryder (Desperate Housewives)

National Public Radio


A very interesting site to visit
It will direct you to a variety of radio broadcasts that might have to do with your topic.
Check it out!

More Links!!


Cartoons: Lauren

Da Ali G Show

A review of the show.

Ali G blog post.

Another blog post.

Ali G and feminism.

This blog has a couple of video posts of the ali g show.

This is another blog of video posts.


All the scripts, for reference to quotes.

A look back at the show.

Seinfeld encyclopedia blog.

Episode reviews and quotes.


Reviews, quotes, etc.

PopMatters season four review.

PopMatters season one review.

Scrubs and race issues.

Scrubs blog.

Flavor of Love
(interesting to listen to)

Ads Related to Viewers
(check out gender rep in ads)
Gender Rep in Ads
(check out ads related to viewers)

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Research Team Proposal #1


Research Team Proposal #1

Overall Goal:
The overall goal of the Research Team is to find ideas and sources about pop culture specifically useful towards the Gender and Pop Culture blog project, and classmate’s individual blog topics.
All materials found are to be sorted into two categories:
(1) Objects of analysis
(2) Analytical pieces.
Objects of analysis are defined as a form of pop culture which the reader analyses oneself, while analytical pieces are works in which the writer has analyzed a form of pop culture.

Specific Tasks to Complete:
Research will take place within the following mediums:
· Newspapers:
o i.e. New York Times, USA Today
o Emphasis on blogs, podcasts, as well as published articles
· Television:
o i.e. programs on MTV, E!, Style Network, in addition to programs such as The View and Entertainment Tonight.
· Websites:
o i.e. blogs
o see attached list of examples
· Library Resources
o i.e. periodicals located on the second floor of the TCNJ library
· Public Information Sources / National Organizations and Non-Profit News Sources
o National Public Radio, PBS
o National Coalition Against Censorship

Time Frame for Completion
Each group member will be assigned to one of the above tasks (two members will equally split responsibilities of the Television task) and report findings twice weekly to the writer. The writer will compile all members’ reports and e-mail a Reports should

· Week 1 Due Dates:

o Tuesday, February 27 – find minimum of two new sources of information. E-mail these along with a brief description to Darling. Descriptions should be aimed to help classmates distinguish whether or not the source would be useful to them. NOTE: All materials found are to be sorted into two categories: (1) objects of analysis and (2) analytical pieces.

o Thursday, February 28 – E-mail classmates consolidated list of new sources from February 27 (Darling only).

o Friday, March 1 – Find minimum of two new sources. E-mail your results with a brief description to Darling.

o Sunday, March 3 - E-mail classmates consolidated list of new sources from March 1st (Darling only).

· Week 2 Due Dates:

o Tuesday, March 5 - Find minimum of two new sources. E-mail your results with a brief description to Darling.

o Thursday, March 7 - E-mail classmates consolidated list of new sources from March 5th (Darling only).

o Friday, March 8 - Find minimum of two new sources. E-mail your results with a brief description to Darling.

o Sunday, March 10 - E-mail classmates consolidated list of new sources from March 8th (Darling only).

o Sunday March 10 – Innovator Report: Brief report of new research mediums which we have not yet discovered. New mediums will be integrated into the remaining half of the project. E-mail report to all Research Group members (Elizabeth only)


· Week 3 Due Dates: Since this is the week of Spring Break and members may not have access to a computer, assignments will be consolidated. If you do not have computer access all week, please be considerate to Darling and the rest of the class and e-mail your results prior to leaving for spring break festivities.

o Wednesday, March 14 - Find minimum of four new sources. E-mail your results with a brief description to Darling.

o Friday, March 16 - E-mail classmates consolidated list of new sources from March 14th (Darling only).

Description of Specific Tasks per Member
· Newspapers –Spencer H
o Available online for free, but are archived after a few weeks- basically only current information is available.
o Analyze 2 or 3 major newspapers: New York Times, USA Today, and possibly a California based newspaper. Check them frequently for updates
o If it seems like there is not enough information, more national newspapers can be researched, or even international papers
o Explore nontraditional newspaper sources: The Onion, National Enquirer, etc.

· Television / Video – Lauren P, Elizabeth S
o Pay attention to commercials and advertising within television – both blatant and hidden (i.e. strategically placed Pepsi can in a sitcom)
o current event pop-culture-type references in any genre of television such as:
§ “E”– channel 52
§ VH1 – 65
§ MTV – 71
§ MTV 2
§ BET – 43
§ Style –70
§ Comedy Central – 78 (Colbert and Daily show)
§ news on CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, MSNBC, CNN
§ “Entertainment Tonight”
§ Late night television – Letterman, Leno, Conan, etc.
o Look at the TV schedule for the day or for upcoming days, and either a) make note of what shows you want to watch yourself, and take notes and/or b) make a post and notify classmates which shows you think would be good to use to analyze pop culture.
§ When looking up TV schedules pay attention to the program details to get a better idea about what each episode is about. Try using this website:
o Obligations can be split in different ways. Either one member will concentrate on television, while the other will concentrate on websites of the television networks ( AND online video sources, such as OR one member can concentrate on television on certain specified days while the other member will concentrate on the rest of the days of the week.

· Websites – Darling C
o Search the web for new sources
o Starting points:
§ - USA Today pop culture blog
§ - blog search engine
§ - New York Times blog
§ - New York Times reviews
§ – LA Times, also has a blog section
§ - National Public Radio podcasts

· Library Resources – Katelyn R
o Visit 2nd floor of library to search through current periodicals
§ Possibly putting periodicals on reserve for the rest of the class. (I’m not sure if students are allowed to do this)
o Use library’s website for online sources: LGBT , Film studies , Music , Library Search

· Public Information Sources / National Organizations and Non-Profit News Sources – Amanda D
o Concentrate on sources published by non-profit organizations
o Possibly search government published articles if it would be useful to any classmates blog topics