Thursday, March 22, 2007


Here are the 3 blogs I had previously found for blog post 2. Even if they
were not used for that assignment, they still might be useful!

In Defense of Grey's Anatomy (Grey's Anatomy)

24 is Just a TV Show - Redux (24)

Ideologies in Suburbia by Sarah Ryder (Desperate Housewives)

National Public Radio


A very interesting site to visit
It will direct you to a variety of radio broadcasts that might have to do with your topic.
Check it out!

More Links!!


Cartoons: Lauren

Da Ali G Show

A review of the show.

Ali G blog post.

Another blog post.

Ali G and feminism.

This blog has a couple of video posts of the ali g show.

This is another blog of video posts.


All the scripts, for reference to quotes.

A look back at the show.

Seinfeld encyclopedia blog.

Episode reviews and quotes.


Reviews, quotes, etc.

PopMatters season four review.

PopMatters season one review.

Scrubs and race issues.

Scrubs blog.

Flavor of Love
(interesting to listen to)

Ads Related to Viewers
(check out gender rep in ads)
Gender Rep in Ads
(check out ads related to viewers)